week 13- art experience-care package

so this weeks art experience was to make a package of things that are meaningful to us and send it out to the anonymous person we picked out of a hat on Tuesday.

I did not want to take a picture of what I sent out to my basically pen pal because I want it to be sentimental to her, but also be some sort of surprise.

However, I will explain the things I did include:                                                                                                                                                                              first, I enjoy to doodle and draw, but I don’t it is ever to the skill to show to multiple people. Maybe to that one person sitting next to me that happens to look down at my notebook to see it. I usually enjoy to draw a random shape or shapes and just play with them.  So there are 2 small sketches I made. Second: when I am at work my coworker enjoys to get my attention and knowing that, she always draws out flowers for me, which I included one of. thirdly, I work at a theater but it is still sentimental of me to keep my ticket stubs, especially when I go with someone who means a lot to me. fourthly, I included my favorite quote that has a lot of meaning to me, because I feel like this quote is not inspiring, but more just thought consuming for you to get your mind off the past and to just keep thinking of how great the  future might be.

Sorry i did not include any pictures of my activity, we will have to wait and see, for when my pen pal recieves it.