Week 12- Artist Conversation- Tiffany Le

wp-1460977351038.jpgArtist: Tiffany Le

Exhibition: TÁU, Boat, Ship, Vessel, Craft

Media: acrylic, canvas, charcoal, and watercolors

Gallery: Dennis W. Dutzi Gallery

Website:  http://letealeaf.prosite.com

Instagram:  @letealeaf

Tiffany is a grad student at CSULB, right now she’s working on her last semester in the MFA program. When she graduates, Tiffany wants to do some freelancing, but would also love to find a studio job that would allow her to work freely, so she could stick to her roots. Tiffany was born here in the US. Her parents, however were born in Vietnam, which fuels the majority of her inspiration in her art work.

Tiffany’s art work reflects on Vietnam refugees. Her art work shows the arduous struggle they have to go through to escape, which she shows through a few of her pieces. Her pieces all tell their own story. For example, she loves to incorporate boats into her art to symbolize their journey. One thing she spoke about is about how her family doesn’t like to speak of their past story. But she encourages them to tell her their story so they can help give her inspiration to her art work. I personally think that it is amazing that her artwork revolves around not only her family as refuges but also for all other refugees who also had such a difficult time escaping Vietnam.

Tiffany in her free time also enjoys spending time with her bunnies, hiking, and taking a part in Japanese lancing. wp-1460975446766.jpgwp-1460975446669.jpgwp-1460975446668.jpgwp-1460975446667.jpg