Week 11-Turning Pages

This weeks art experience was to mainly see the way we evolve, but not necessarily evolve, more like the way we keep with times of technology. The way we noticed this was by visiting our school “library” and “bookstore”. I never really thought about it until they brought it up that neither of them actually are used for what they are supposed to. Neither of them really have any books; although, both names invoke that they do or should at least. For one, while in the library reading we almost got kicked out from the place where it was meant for reading. We also got a lot of funny and rude looks from people who looked like we were disturbing them. My experience from not taking any pictures actually had me more engaged in what I was doing instead of being on my phone and trying to capture and show everyone what I was doing. I actually really enjoyed being able to do that.

The way we usually document empirical memories is by mainly taking pictures, recording or writing about it. Words and pictures to me capture memories but the words or pictures we use. different words have different meanings and connotations and I think it goes with pictures to, because a picture is blurry does not mean that a picture is imperfect, more like capturing a different aspect of something.

I can mainly think of only capturing things with pictures. but I think it is more enjoyable to be off technology for a minute and actually enjoy the space and people around you without having to document it.