Week 10-Artist Conversation-Helen Werner Cox



Artist: Helen Werner Cox

Exhibition: Silent Screams

Media: Oil paints, prints, and pastels

Gallery: Max L. Gatov Gallery West

Website: http://www.helenwernercox.com/

Instagram: N/A

Helen Werner Cox is a graduate student on her last semester at CSULB. Helen is in the MFA drawing and painting program. She enjoys gardening and reading both fiction and mystery novels on her free time. Helen taught for thirty years as an art teacher and also worked as a librarian at a high school and a middle school in Boston, Massachusetts. Helen grew up in New York State, right outside Ithaca. At the age of eighteen, she attended school in Boston in BU Fine Arts. She moved to California for the weather since she was fed up with snow and rain in Massachusetts.

Helen’s work utilizes; oil paint, pastels and prints. To produce the line drawing of the carousel horses, Helen utilizes shading in different places along with; warms, cools, lights, and darks. The lines of the drawing are sharply curved and are done with pastels on top of oil paint, because she discovered that using pastels lone, takes up too much time. Helen stated that the she found the easiest way to keep track of her ideas is with a schedule to keep everything organized.

Helen’s art pieces take inspiration from antique carousels carved in the early 1920’s. Every individual horse in her drawings have their mouths wide open with their tongues out as if they’re screaming. She connects these ideas to adults in today’s society and how it looks as if they are all on a constant merry-go-rounds in their own life. As for the flower shaped image of the ceiling, Helen researched in Griffith Park for inspiration.

In conclusion, I found Helen to be an exceptionally talented artist! Her skills are greatly shone in the detail of her work. Creating such large art pieces takes a lot of time and effort which she definitely puts into her work. I think the meaning behind her art really speaks to me in the way that I feel like I’m on a non-stop carousel with school and work. I can see a lot of other people connecting with her very unique art style.