Week 8- Classmate conversation


For this weeks assignment I met up with Lailani Ali. Lailani is a first year at CSULB and is undeclared but thinking about majoring in business. A couple of things Lailani does is, she loves to sleep and take naps on her free time. As well as get YouTube watch some videos. She likes to watch beauty channels on YouTube. Her favorite beauty channel to watch on YouTube is Desi Perkins. Lailani is a full time student and she takes about 30 minutes to commute from home to school everyday. We both enjoy this class and are very glad we are taking it this semester. She only has one sibling, a younger brother named Eric in middle school which is cool because I have a little brother in middle school as well! Some of her favorite things to eat are, Korean BBQ, Boba, and Chipotle. Lastly, we talked about our pets and she has two chihuahuas named Pokey and Coco. Check out her blog!