Week 8- Artist Conversation-Luis Aria


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Artist: Luis Arias

Exhibition: The Weaving Machine

Media: Wood and Fiber

Gallery: Marilyn Werby Gallery

Website or Instagram: N/A


Luis Arias is a student in the Fine Arts Wood program at CSULB and is getting ready to graduate in May 2016. Luis was born in El Salvador and moved to the U.S. as a kid after the invasion of his country in the 1980’s. Luis loves to travel, especially to places in Europe. Places like Spain, Portugal, Italy, and Romania he has visited so far. He also enjoys immersing himself in the different cultures and languages of the countries he travels to. Additionally, Arias makes bowls, maracas and other musical instruments. He even replicated a small yoyo and made it a much larger scale while maintaining its working ability.

Arias’ work includes two deck chairs, wooden stands and a handmade loom which he used to make all of the pieces in the exhibit. He utilized both wood and colorful woven fabric in many of his pieces. Even though all his works are untitled, Arias says that each is self explanatory because he wants the pieces to be functional and able to be used by many. In the woven stool and box, Luis integrates geometric forms and sharp lines in his design. Using the loom he built himself, Luis made each of the pieces with extreme accuracy and precision which is clear in all of the work shown.

The works in the exhibit are both art pieces and common household items that can be used in everyday life. Luis made it apparent that there is no real deeper meaning to the pieces he makes, but instead he wishes to create a variation of items that people can enjoy. The unique and original works he creates can not be found in general stores such as Ikea or Walmart, because it is all handmade and completely different than what is being sold today in normal furniture stores.

Luis Arias is a passionate artist that puts a lot of work and thought into each of the pieces he makes. I find that his work projects the idea of being yourself and not following what the majority of others are doing. Instead of following the mainstream art work, Arias’ sticks to his individuality and perfectly represents this in the various items he makes with his own two hands.