Wk. 3- Artist Conversation

Info Block:

Artist: Heather Jarrard
Exhibition: Untitled #12
Media: Beans, macaroni, hot glue
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Dutzi Gallery
Website: NA

About Heather:
She is studying single subject education. She has a major in art education in order to become a teacher. She has no paintings, just 3D art. The reason for her major is because of her love for art and teaching.

The formal reason behind Untitled #12 is to bring awareness to the budget for art in school. With the amount of money that the budget is, is what she used to inspire her 3D sculptures. She is just trying to bring awareness of the budget with her sculptures.  The sculpture themselves are really bumpy.

My experience going to public schools my entire life I have noticed that art never is a main concern for budget. the budget most of the times goes to sports or other not crucial activities. so I personally like what Heather is trying to convey with her pieces.